For years we have been putting our own pets into Kennel or cattery whilst we've been away on holiday. Although many are good we always felt some guilt about sending our pets away whilst we go on our Holidays. We aim to provide your pets with a stress free experience whilst you're gone by looking after them within their own home.

Our ethos is to provide a personalised service whereby;

  • Your pets are looked after individually within their own home
  • For dogs we walk from your home, not transporting them away with other animals
  • For cats we undertake all care and spend time with your cat during the visit to ensure they feel pampererd
  • We take note of their welfare and inform you if any health or behavioral issues occour
  • ​We are happy to manage lights and curtains within your home during your absence to keep up the appearance of continual occupancy

We believe this represents the premium local service for the Reigate area. To view or fees visit or services page  

Our mission

Summer and Splash are brothers, but very different characters. Splash's laid back nature is contrasted by his attention seeking tabby brother. 

Pogo is our first ever pug. He loves his food and is a professional sleeper. A lovely temperament a breed quite unlike any other dog.

Summer & SPLASH

Our own Pets

Our Services

We aim to provide a straightforward friendly and cost effective service, looking after your pet in your home. We will look after well behaved dogs, cats and in some cases small pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs.


Peace of mind

Our carers have a current criminal background check. We are fully insured.

Value for Money

We feel that Reigate Pet Sitters offer great value for money compared to the costs associated with Kennels an Catteries. See our great rates starting at just £7.50